Monday, February 18, 2008

KDE4 on OS X 10.4

(From left to right: Konqueror, KPatience, KStars)

So it turns out KDE4 isn't just being ported to Windows, but Mac as well (universal binaries, both PPC and x86).  It runs slow for now, and a lot of stuff doesn't work, but the games and education programs work alright.  Very exciting stuff.  Soon as Konqueror and Amarok 2 start working properly it'll be a happy day for OS X users, or... not.  The new Konqueror will be using Webkit (Safari's engine, which itself is based on KHTML, Konqueror's current engine), and iTunes will likely run faster than Amarok.  But at least tech demos can be done natively... all the easier to then lure people to an FOSS system =)

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