Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Delete Multiple Files

Again, school keeps me busy and away from solving issues, but here's the most recent thing I've been working on.

(Yes, the dialog isn't at all final, I just put it there as a placeholder)

A few collections like the MP3Tunes service, and the local collection, are actually able to delete tracks already! They just... have no GUI to make it all happen. Devices like iPods and MTP devices can delete too, but only one track at a time (far from optimal). So I'm working to bring this ability to all collections alike. Actually getting this working isn't too hard, but making the code nice, understandable and maintainable is a bit of a trick. Luckily I've got a pretty good idea now of how I want it done.

Beta 3 is out =D but still so much left to be done on my end:
- fix MTP track playing, so that the next track properly loads/plays
- add orphaned/stale track checking for iPods
- enhance the Media Devices Applet, and add interface to root item of TreeView for connect/disconnect
- fix cover-related things on iPods (and _possibly_ implement it for MTP devices, by popoular request)

The list goes on, but that's already enough. More manpower for any of these jobs is MORE than welcome. Do apply =)

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