Monday, November 9, 2009

Yakuake For Clipboard

Yakuake is a great drop-down terminal, but often I find the need to store several things on my clipboard, and was thinking a yakuake-like program that has tabbed sessions of kate/kwrite would be really useful as well.

I'm not sure if there exists an application that already does this, but would anybody be interested in this kind of program?


Sam said...

Why not use a KDE panel with the sticky note widget?

Draconiak said...

its funny you mention that, for some time i have thinking about mor or less that, maybe a brainstorm about this will be interesting.

personally i can't deal when the clipboard empty itself after close the source window...

me::STONEMODE->enable(bob marley);

Klipper is nice, but mauybe we can do something like add slots in the classic ctr-c (or ctr-ins) like :
ctr-c = normal copy to clipboard
ctr-c a = also copy to slot a
ctr-v = paste clipboard
ctr-v a = paste slot a

just a 4am idea... saludos.

Theuns Cloete said...

Have you tried klipper? It lives in the system tray.

elvis said...

I've been thinking about making something similar.

What I would like is a plasmoid where I can drag&drop or Ctrl+C/V stuff that I would like to keep. And I would like to ability to give the snippets names and search for them quickly.

When working with e.g. LaTeX it's always nice to be able to save away a commonly used constructs.

I'm a Vim user and I know I could let my editor take care of this, but a more general solution would be nice.

Maybe call it Snippets Applet or something.

ManagementBoy said...

I find this a very interesting idea. I would expand it to include a yakuake like filemanager.

Moltonel said...

As much as I love yakuake, I allways tought it was implemented in the wrong layer.

It should be kwin's job to:
* hide/show chosen program in yakuake fashion
* turn the titlebar into program tabs
* easily add/remove programs to the list
* displace the titlebar
* use default move/resize actions to set the edge and sizes of the "yaquake-like" window.

awainzin said...

Sam: I like the drop-down hotkey-activated interface. It's why I'm such a big fan of Yakuake (among other reasons).

Draconiak: The extra keyabord shortcuts are a good idea, that way I can open it afterward if I really care about it. I should start a brainstorm on that KDE Brainstorm thing I heard about.

Theuns: It does, it's ok. I want this to live where Yakuake does, the drop-down space. It's quicker to access, and far more directly editable. Sometimes I don't just want to select text I've copied, I want to change it a bit.

elvis: An applet is interesting too, and could be another implementation of this. I don't use very many applets, but I use drop-down Yakuake a ton, which is the motivation for this. However, the functionality that this program would have could be abstracted so it could be reused in an applet.

ManagementBoy: Yes! Actually in a larger sense, I think having drop-down versions of many programs is a useful idea, especially for things you want always running, but you don't want to alt+tab through currently-running instances. Dolphin (file manager) is another great candidate for this, as managing files is another very common task I don't want to reopen Dolphin for every time.

Moltonel: Maybe. I'm not sure exactly where KWin ends and application space begins, but going with my previous comment, _many_ applications should be "yakuakable" at a higher level. I'm just not sure KWin is it.

Anonymous said...

As Molotonel suggested, maybe what's needed is a Yakuake-like kwin extension, that at the press of a button would slide in your application of choice (konsole/knotes/dolphin/etc). That way you wouldn't need to reinvent/recreate the wheel for each Yakuake-like application.

ML said...

I vote for the kwin extension!

sxe said...

my vote for a general kwin extension too.

I made a similar suggestion earlier. Look here:

Hopefully someone will implement this in the near future. :)

Daniel said...

1) Change yakuake global hotkey to "Break" or "Scroll Lock" (depending on keyboard)
2) Unused key -> very often used key
3) Even faster access as F12
4) ...
5) Profit!

Peterix said...

Yeah. A drawer window. You should be able to send a window to the 'drawer', which is basically a slide-out window with tabs. Maybe give apps an API to integrate better with this, but don't limit it to KDE apps only.

I could certainly find a use for a set of browsers in a drawer and KDevelop full-screen.