Thursday, May 15, 2008

Media Device Support for Amarok 2 in Google's Summer of Code

It looks like I'll be the one bringing media devices back for the next major version of Amarok.

Looks awesome so far right?  Well there's still a lot missing, and media device support is part of that.  My job is going to be adding iPod, MTP, and generic device support.  Over the next many many weeks, I'm going to try to keep track of what I'm doing here, but I don't promise anything too exciting non-technically speaking =p

Status Report:

I've looked into the MediaDeviceCache stuff that interfaces with Solid, KDE 4's backend for hardware recognition, and it's amazingly simple.  Solid code is beautiful and easy to read, I like =).

I started looking into MediaDevicePluginManager but haven't gotten too deep into it yet.

One of the ultimate goals of this project is to implement a Collection class, tentatively called MediaDeviceCollection, which will let songs on a media device get all the advantages of any other Collection, and I believe a few more that are specific to media devices (e.g. sync'ing of music, artwork).  I haven't made progress there yet because I'm still working on the previous stuff, but it's on the backburner.  Hopefully I'll have a more concrete idea of how that'll work after some more discussion with other devs.

In other news, my laptop has arrived!  So I'll spend a good part of this weekend setting it up for development.

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