Monday, July 13, 2009

GCDS: Wrap-Up

A few things since last blog post:

  • Met lots of people and didn't get stuck with the same group the entire time
  • Got some work toward Amarok done (not as much, thanks to beer/people)
  • Got to talk to Gnomies, civilized conversations

Obligatory pictures:

Picture of Nikolaj taking a picture of the city with a far better camera than mine.

Metal giraffe meets metal man-thing!  I don't know, this was near one of the parties and I thought it was weird enough to merit a photo.

"Taiwanese" restaurant, ended up going 3 times to mainly because it was cheap.  Ranks 4-6 on the 1-10 scale of delicious/price ratio for Chinese food.  The people working there were mainlanders, not Taiwanese.  Not what I'm used to, but amazing enough to find a Chinese restaurant on an island off the coast of Africa I guess.

Paid breathalyzer test!   You blow into a straw into this machine, and it tells you if you can drive or not.  Yeah...

Anyway, a good conference, read everyone else's long blogposts about things that happened and opinions on things and such.  That's all for this one.

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