Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting Close to Displaying Collection

Back! A week of finals and a week of vacation later, here I am.

Set back by that, and git-svn losing my code, I'm still on a fairly good track. I don't think anyone really gets how dense the legacy Ipod code is except for Max, but it's a beast. In the end I won't be needing most of it, but it's hard to tell before checking it all.

I've gotten an itdb (itunes database struct) to read the ipod and parse the songlist just now, though I'm still at a loss for figuring out when to initialize or not, or even why we need initialize, but I'll get to that later. The bottom line is, that it's just a matter of using this info to fill in the Meta data and get a collection displaying! =D

Nikolaj recommended that I set up a separate MediaBrowser KVBox-based singlecollectiontreeview thing for testing, which I'm not all too sure how to do, but I'll just rip some code out of the servicebrowser probably. For my own purposes, I'll keep it in the collection view for a bit longer.

Hopefully my next blog will show a screenshot of an IpodCollection being displayed.

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