Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ipod Collections Visible

As predicted would be done by today, Ipod collections are now visible in Amarok 2 if an iPod is plugged in at Amarok 2 loadtime. I'll add signal/slot stuff so that you can plug in later at a later time. Songs are playable, but track information edit attempts crash amarok, and it's hanging on exit probably due to some voodoo static_cast that I'm using. Instead of the 30-90 seconds of Amarok 1.4 freezing loading my ipod, this takes less than 1 second and freezes nothing. Anyway, screenshots:

As you can see, UTF8 support is there, although there's some funky business with Album grouping atm but I'll get to that. There's a long series of known bugs right now, so please don't bother me just yet with them as they're mostly obvious ones =p

This is a big milestone for me, as I can start to see that what I'm doing is quite possible. Still a long road ahead, but we're on our way.

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