Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ipod File Transfer Support Arrives

After an all-nighter porting over file-related code and some hours trying to make it work with CollectionLocation, we have the first signs of file transfer to ipod support available.

- AA format not yet supported due to some Audible strangeness
- Copying might seem slow right now (as in, takes 3-5 seconds to copy about 12 tracks), but I will fix this pretty soon as I know the cause

How to copy to iPod?
1.) Have iPod plugged in and mounted
2.) In Amarok, an iPod collection should show
3.) Either right-click an artist/album/track from another collection (e.g. local collection), or drag into the middle area to bring up the PUD. Hover over Copy to Collection, and select your Ipod.
4.) The tracks should then be being added. Expand your ipod collection to confirm that the tracks have been added and are able to be added to the playlist and played.
5.) Confirm that the songs can be played from the iPod itself

Forthcoming but not yet here:
- Album Cover support
- Podcast support
- Tag editing support
- Playlist support
- Pretty interface for file transfers &c.

Also, there's a "hang on exit" bug right now, but don't be afraid to "killall -9 amarok," as it won't affect your iPod. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm tracking that one down fairly soon too.

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