Sunday, July 13, 2008

MTP Incoming and Ipod File Deletion Support

First off, thanks to everyone who has responded to the request for devices so far, and those to come! Sorry if the replies to the e-mails take a bit, but I'm probably working on Amarok ironically enough. Some of the devices offered have already been sent, and soon we'll see the first signs of MTP support on Amarok 2 =D . To get this question out of the way, _yes_, of course we're going with libmtp 0.3, it just makes sense to. Look forward to this MTP users, and thanks again to all donors of devices!

Summary of Ipod News:

- You can now delete files one at a time from the iPod
- You can now "edit" tags, although changes won't save yet (implementing next)

After fighting for a while with how to create a custom "remove" button, users now have access to deleting files on the ipod! ... one at a time, hah, looks like I have to do some more magic before you can do it with multiple files at once. Also, the icon for "remove" doesn't seem to make sense, and I'm fixing this soon too. Why there isn't a built-in capability to remove from a collection when there's built-in support for it in CollectionLocation? Probably nobody got around to it yet. If nobody does it after this summer, I'll implement it so that people don't have to go through this again, haha.

Turns out that because pre-made actions are in the CollectionTreeView, they can do all sorts of magic like... know which items are selected, so that they can work with multiple things at once. I'll have to look into this next.

Anyway, editing ipod tags will no longer crash your Amarok, and they'll even update in the view!... but not in the ipod's database, so a restart of Amarok will clear those changes, don't be fooled! It won't be too hard to port over tags support I'm sure. Er.. wait, I've said "it shouldn't be too hard to..." way too many times already, and I'm always surprised when it turns out to be a pita, haha.

The rest of the stuff I mentioned in previous posts has not yet been dealt with. No need to ask about the progress, it'll get here fairly soon. I've tried to concentrate on core features (tag editing, file management) for now. Yes, album covers and podcasts are wonderful, and they're soon to be here.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! :-)

Anonymous said...

What about playing music from your mtp device direclty from Amarok. That's why I keep Rhythmbox and I would love to have that feature on Amarok.

awainzin said...

Yeah, I'm hoping to bring that feature to Amarok as well.