Sunday, July 27, 2008

MTP File Management and iPod Covers

So MTP file management (copying/deleting) has gotten implemented, and works well on all 3 devices I tested on. Still a lot of polishing left to do as far as interface goes, and some threading to not stall Amarok at key points, and it should be good to go. One thing I'm having issues with is copying files directly from an MTP to an iPod and vice versa, but will investigate this later as this is a bit more advanced.

So, I had a bit of an epic struggle with a few things over the last day or so. See, libgpod can only retrieve covers in the form of GdkPixbuf structs, but so as to not force the GdkPixbuf dependency on people, they return it as a gpointer which you can then choose to cast if you want to use GdkPixbuf. Sounds great, right? No problem...

... except for having CMake pull in the dependency. So as it turns out, there's no built-in module for gdk-pixbuf library. So, I decided to create my own as I did with libgpod, except when I pulled it in, a certain function wasn't present. Odd... hm. Well as it turns out, this function is only present in the gdk-pixbuf library that resides in gtk. Great! There's a CMake module for GTK, all should be fine this time, yes? No. The GTK module in CMake pulls in GTK1, and gdk-pixbuf is in GTK2. So I end up modifying the gdk-pixbuf module I made before, learning lots about CMake along the way, and finally get it compiling.

Long story short for the next part, the README in libgpod didn't really work for me for setting up SysInfo for my iPod, and I accidentally tripped on a feature from the old Amarok which set it up right, after I modified some permissions. Wonderful, yeah?

Wrong! Turns out that iTunes and libgpod handle covers in two different ways, and so I have to cater to both of them. This turned out to be a bit of a pain, but at last, I finally got a size-distorted but correct solution:

The m-flo cover was set by me using libgpod via Amarok, and the ManĂ¡ cover was set by iTunes. I'm going to fine-tune the sizes later, and all should be peaches and cream.

That's all for now. One note though about the interface, which right now is either non-existent or bad: likely going to be making an applet which does all the fun stuff that A1 did for media devices, including: connect/disconnect, % free space, possibly a queue, and if supported, even % battery level! That however, is a ways away from coming true, but do stay tuned.

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Constantin said...

Great work you are doing there! Thanks.

I am wondering though, will it be possible to sync the local collection with an iPod or a MTP device?